About Me & My Work

Brittany fell in love with belly dance in 2014 because of a close friend and since then, has studied dance styles including American Cabaret, Classical Egyptian, and Fat Chance Belly Dance®. She also enjoys dancing with flow props (fan veils, silks, and poi) and is a professional Ballroom Dancer with competitive experience in American Rhythm and International Standard.

Brittany is always learning and trying to find ways to improve her dance. She has studied under Nourhan Sharif, Zahara Zuhair, and Habeeba (of Columbus). She also takes coachings from Johnathan Roberts and Louis Van Amstel, both former pros on Dancing with the Stars. Brittany has performed and worked as a professional dancer throughout the Midwest and Appalachia since 2017.

Brittany is an ACE® certified group fitness instructor and is Dance Vision Certified in Bronze American Smooth and American Rhythm Ballroom dance.

In her life outside of her work, she enjoys scary video games, history, swimming, and spending time with her boyfriend and dog.


  • 2016 – Present – Final Form Fusion – Dancer & Choreographer
  • 2018 – 2022 – The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center – Instructor, Performer, & Choreographer
  • 2019 – 2021 American Rhythm Ballroom Competitor
  • 2021 – 2022 International Standard Ballroom Competitor
  • 2022 – Matsuricon – Formal Ballroom Gala Director

Performance Snippets

Song Name: Aziza
Song Artist: Rodger Aboud
Dance Style: American Style Rak Sharki
Song Name: Rushing Back
Song Artist: Flume
Dance Style: Fan Veil / Belly Dance Fusion
Song Name: It’s a Drag
Song Artist: Evans the Bard
Dance Style:  Belly Dance Fusion (Choreography by Bevin Victoria)
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