$25 First Time Individualized Session

In-person (Northern Virginia & DMV) or online via Teams, Facebook, or Discord. 

Personalized sessions can include belly dance, ballroom dance, and fitness depending on your goals!

Who does private lessons?

Working on something specific

Struggling with that ONE move? An outside perspective from a professional may be exactly what you need. Your instructor will be there to give you feedback so you can get your movement down just right.

Push your dance to the next level

Get feedback on your dancing and develop your goals for a more productive dance practice.

Want to learn at your own pace

Group classes aren’t your style? Nervous to dance in a room with others? Or maybe you just want to get each movement down without the pressure of a group class.

Preparing for an Event

Be the star at your wedding or be the highlight at a talent show or competition! I can help you develop your unique talents so you can be the star of the show.